Everyone thinks they have to be a leader. That’s what the world is saying, and there is a huge market for selling leadership as a necessary skill. But there’s something to be said for being a good follower. A good follower is like fuel to a fire, and without the fuel, the fire stops. Here are 5 steps to Win as a follower.

For any endeavor to get started, there has to be at least one person who is willing to get up on their soap box and declare their worthy ambition to the world. But what if you get up on your soap box and nobody listens to you. What if everybody else is on their own soap box, trying to get the attention of the crowd. If everyone feels like they have to take a leadership position, then not even the most worthy of quests can get underway. It’s important for good ideas to be shouted out, but it’s even more important for those ideas to be heard!

1. Be a good listener

The first thing you need to do in order to be a good follower is listen for the best ideas. If you don’t have an enterprise to support, you can’t be a follower in the first place.

2. Choose Carefully

Don’t make your choices out of convenience. Look for the venture that is right for you, and stirrs your passion. Then latch on to that venture like you need it to breath.

3. Commit to The Mission

You’ve patiently listend and waited for the right venture for you to join. Now it’s time to fully commit you efforts to that one venture. Stop looking. You’ve chosen your capitain and boarded your ship. Now it your responsibility to help make the ship you chose, the best possible ship it can be.

4. Contribute

Everyone has the ability to think and be creative, and it will be important for you to share your thoughts and ideas with your team. Your contributions could be the nexus of thought that was necessary to push the mission onward to success.

5. Sacrifice

Don’t get so commited to your specicic idea that you forget your commitment to the mission. Share your ideas with the team and then throw the full weight of your support in the direction that is chosen.

Followers are so vitally important to the mission of any endeavor, wheather it’s a company, a pollitical movement, or a family. Don’t underestimate the value you bring to the mission as a good follower. As a good follower you are like the fuel that keep the mission’s flame burning, lighting the way to sucess and mission accomplished.

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